Tiecrafters- A first hand experience

7 Nov

I have a profusion of ties. A bumper crop. An excess. When presented with a piece of clothing out of fashion, but made to a high standard, I have to pick it up. With most garments, this gets me in trouble, but with ties, there is hope.

I decided to take the plunge, and have a few of my ties experimentally “thinned” by a professional. Finding said professional was not difficult. There are more or less two primary companies that pop up when you search for tie alteration services, and only one of those is resoundingly well reviewed across the menswear-o-sphere. Tiecrafters is a NY NY based firm that specializes in tie cleaning and alterations, and has been around for 60 years. They are recommended by major fashion houses (Hermes to name one) as the cleaner of choice for scarves and ties.

With the reassurance of good reviews to spur me, I packed up 3 ties and shot them to Andy at Tiecrafters. I chose carefully, trying to get a feeling for their service with different types. I chose a Sawine Adeney hunting club tie (3.75 inches wide), a Paul Stuart Repp (4 inches wide), and a Cerruti Grenadine (4.25 inches wide). I requested that the ties be cleaned, and their size reduced to 3.25 inches across the board.

Without making it overly clear, I snuck a challenge into the order. The Swaine Adeney had a nasty burn on the absolute edge of the part of the tie that would still show on the corner of the tie at 3.25 inches. Additionally, the Cerruti grenadine had a few pulls here and there, as grenadine will.

(some re-crafting in action)

photo 1

About 2 days after receiving my package, Andy, the owner, called me directly to chat about the ties, and generally check in. I was pretty impressed at the customer service. A few days after that, he called to say my order was nearly complete, but one of my ties was still going to show a little damage at the requested width, so if it was OK, he’d take it to 3 inches to turn the damage to the other side of the tie, to hide it. I agreed, thanked him, and received my order almost exactly a week after sending it in.

Here are the results.




The work done, to my untrained eye, is wonderful. Every stitch, roll, seam, and line was perfect. All labels reattached with the same type/color thread with perfect centering, the lines and tip shape are all exactly the same. Further to that, they all drape and knot as they did before re-crafting. The damage on the Swaine Adeney is nicely hidden, and the pulls on the Cerruti grenadine are almost entirely gone (whether this was an intentional thing, or happened when the fabric was cleaned and/or re-shaped, I don’t know). There was one single pull remaining on the grenadine tie, which I quickly fixed with a Snag-grab-it needle (seriously, go get one. I keep mine in my wallet. For sweaters and woven silk, its a must),

Overall, I’m thrilled with the service, quality, and turn-around time of the order. I found the customer service stellar, and downright unusual for this day ‘n age.

If your ties are too wide, or for that matter- your lapels overly thin, give Andy and Co a call at Tiecrafters.