Tie Cabinet

3 Jan

I have a lamentably large tie collection. I also live in a drafty old house where things like moths and dust are issues. I therefore store the vast majority of my ties folded in half or thirds in closet boxes, while a small number are hung on the back of my closet door for easy access.


This I do grudgingly, but not any longer.

I asked a woodworking genius (best father in law in the world) to make me a simple oak cabinet, in the style of a New England Jelly cabinet, with a prefabricated rack at the top on drawer sliders. The rack can hold 120 or so in a hanging fashion, then an additional set of shelves below can accommodate another 200 or so folded flat (wool) and rolled (knit) in boxes.

The insert, in solid maple.

A rough spec of the case.


The inspiration piece-


And after a year of tweaks and adjustments-

cabinet5 cabinet7 cabinet8 cabinet cabinet3 cabinet4

The hardware is all primarily from rejuvenation.com .

The cabinet only has about 10 nails, the majority was painstakingly blind dovetailed. The front panels are floating, to allow for crack-free expansion and contraction as the crazy New England seasons shift temp and humidity around. I asked for an heirloom, and man did I get one. This piece will age beautifully (also my intention). The oak finish will darken as it gets more sun, and the “naked” brass will turn golden bronze over the decades. I’m looking forward to watching it happen.

I couldn’t be happier with this thing, and it has been a while in the making. I actually just went through a frustrated tie purge, and find that I can only fill about 60% of the rack space. Time for more ties, obviously.