Snow swimming

22 Jan

Addendum, re: staying warm without looking like a North Face ad. I purposely ignored the subject of winter and shoes. I did so because I’m still on the fence about it; I have been going the time tested route, natural leather boot, treated for inclimate weather. The issue, however, is not staying stylish so much as staying safe – my two main winter walking concerns are walking stability (personal safety), and salt (shoe safety). This is a new experience for me; salted surfaces, and while salt will take care of the stability issue, it will completely screw up natural materials (ie. leather).

So I’ve been kicking around in a pair of these with moderate success. I treat them every month with obenaufs, after sufficient desalinization with a wet rag and liberal drying. The issue is this- I don’t want to wear these shoes every day for the next 3 months. I bought them because they were on the cheaper side of well made, and because I wouldn’t regret damaging them with winter wearing as much as, say, my other and more beloved boots.

I’ve come up with what I think will be the key to the problem,  take a look at these-

Swims, and rather sharp looking in the “Mobster” style- Especially in the black / khaki combo that looks exactly like spats.

So, you’ve got waterproofing, and warmth, and resistance to salt, all in a layer that can zip on top of a boot or shoe. This quote from their COO, Hanne Bismo Steen,  seems to sum it up- “The SWIMS Mobster is built on the same rubber foundation as the SWIMS Classic (our first product) but has a warm neoprene water resistant high top. It protects more of the shoe and is good for days with lots of snow!”

But, there is still the problem of traction on icy sidewalks. Maybe the addition of a cleat of some kind?
I fear further testing is in order.