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Now is the Winter

31 Dec

Winter, oh winter. You start after New Years, really. There is a glory and a sparkle to the snow and ice during the holidays. Come Jan 2nd, its nothing but bitter cold with no psychic tinsel chaser.

These wintertime distractions I hold to be self evident-

Winter Fridays are tie days- Also Sat-Thurs.


Winter means obtaining as many sweaters as possible, at deeply discounted prices from cabalistically obscure companies with hard won coupon codes obtained through complex information exchanges on boring mens style forums.


Post sweater binge, I realized I needed storage for all of these woolly body stockings, specifically sweater storage– which then, in its own turn, set off a full closet reorganization which culminates in the invention/creation of a new closet accessory that is not yet to be revealed.

Now comes the drinking and reading-

Port and Aubrey-Maturin


or The Rathbones and Giardini Arimei


Let us also not forget the mulling of everything liquid-


Finally, there is this


Which is the olfactory equivalent of pounding a horn of mead on a moor cliff and drunkenly rolling through the gorse and heather, then plummeting into the sea. Its actually amazing what DS & Durga has done here. It smells so good.

Ok 2014, I’m ready.


Hamilton, Revisited

28 Feb

The Hamilton’s have been making shirts since 1883, which is a considerable amount of time to perfect one kind of garment. Each is made in their Houston workshop where they oversee all aspects of design and construction. Every Hamilton shirt is hand cut according to a paper pattern using fine fabrics. Considering that length of commitment one specific blood line has given to one occupation, chances are they’ve already started genetically adapting to shirt making. How would that manifest in a few hundred thousand years, I wonder? A bony, thimble like process at the end of every other finger tip? But I digress.

Hamilton produces shirts in two ways, on one side they make made to measure luxury shirts, and on the other, they make ready to wear shirts, made to the same standards, but geared to the especially impatient . This ready to wear collection is referred to as the Hamilton 1883 label, and wouldn’t you know it, there is a new collection out in time for the inevitable thaw coming our way.

Now, the thing about Hamilton shirts- they are undeniably expensive; roughly $200-250 a shirt. But before you allow that fact to flip the switch in your brain, making you ignore the desire to obtain one, consider this: I have more than a few shirts of quality in my closet, and I can safely speak to the fact that the brands known for quality last considerably longer than the ones known to fit into a broader range of budgets. You could consider your Hamilton shirt the equivalent of 3 lesser shirts, insofar as longevity. So, would you rather have 3 shirts from J. Crew that will collectively last you 3 -5 years of consistent-rotation wear, or 1 shirt, made with care and fine materials, that could last you 10+? I would go for the latter, personally. Or, at least I might have, had the Hamilton folks not offered to send me one for free. Looks as if all that voodoo is finally paying off.

So here’s the truth, uncomprimised by unforseen fortune and largesse.

This shirt is extremely well made.

Note the mother of pearl buttons. NOTE THEM.

Stitching all consistent and locked down nicely (fairly sure I just made that phrase up).

High-quality fabric, making all of your other shirts self concious.

The rest of the collection, you ask?

Take a look.