Begg & Co.

26 Jan

I’ve always been a sucker for Celtic products. Knowing this, and indulging it against her better judgement, my wife recently presented me with a lovely scarf from Begg and Co.

Based in Scotland, and established in 1866 (in Paisley), Begg has been making woolens for a long, long time.

Begg & Co. 41


I was struck by the simplicity and quality of their products. The best, and most obscure (yet respectable) part of their production process is the use of “specially grown hand-harvested Italian teasel plant heads” for the final texture finishing on their woolens. If that isn’t attention to detail, I don’t know what is.


It looks as if Begg & Co. has recently undergone some re-branding, and begun to market both its cloth, and consumer focused products to a more style conscious market. Definitely a brand to keep in mind as they explore a new and ever heritage-quality hungry demographic.

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