90 years gone

12 Aug

I thought these needed to be shared. I think its just amazing that little collections of history like this exist in the bottoms of drawers and in the back of attic trunks.

A collection of British motorcycle trial medals from a gent named J.V. Brady, who seems to have done well for himself racing in the mid to late 20s.





Sadly information has not been easy to come by about the fellow or his race history, but the time period was amazing for motorcycle racing and clubs. While many of these trials would have been open street races across towns and between cities, many motorcycle clubs in England at this time sponsored and maintained tracks or “motordromes”. These race courses were occasionally composed of wooden boards, sloping up from the inner lanes to provide a literal fast track to race on. They were also fraught with accidents because the repairs were so tricky and bikes in this era were pretty rigid and sprung seated.



George Brough



I am making the assumption that Bradley was a man, though this may not have been the case, as clubs and trials were often open to women.

Vintage Photographs of Women and Motorcycles (8)

Nancy and Betty Debenham, well-known motorcyclists, riding BSA bikes with their dog, 1925. (source)

Finding these sent me down a rabbit hole of English motorcycle history.